The team

Ably is led by an experienced management team crossing technical and commercial backgrounds. And each member of our core team is an expert in their field. It’s not an exaggeration to say that every Ablyan lives and breathes realtime.

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Matthew O'Riordan

Matthew O’Riordan

CEO & Co-founder

Matthew is a realtime advocate and open data and open source supporter.

He is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned developer with over 20 years of hands-on development experience. He is also a governing board member of the OpenAPI initiative.

Matthew co-founded and was CTO of Econsultancy, a global digital marketing subscriptions business, which was sold in a trade sale in 2012.

Dr Paddy Byers

Dr Paddy Byers

CTO & Co-founder

Paddy has over 20yrs experience building and leading software teams.

Paddy was CTO for 8 years of Tao Group, creators of the intent virtual OS, and the first full Java VM for mobile.

Paddy is a security and realtime technical specialist and an active open source developer and contributor to node.js.

Paddy holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science.

Core Team

Simon Woolf

Senior Software Engineer

Programmer, Maths geek, Physics geek. Currently leading the protocol adapter project, writing Elixir, and maintaining ably-js.

Current interest: formal methods for verifying distributed algorithms

Tom Camp

Technical Author & Developer

Programmer, blog writer, demo creator, and educator on all things Ably.

Freddie Gadd

Finance Operations Manager

Operations Manager who also ran a half marathon twice.

Affrica Cook

Enterprise Sales Executive

Full time Ably fangirl. Helping companies enter the realtime stratosphere with ease. Previous love was Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford.

Charlotte Stephens

Senior Account Manager

Account manager, sales person: helping better businesses with Ably.

Srushtika Neelakantam

Developer Advocate

Srushtika spends her time building dev relations, dev experience and dev onboarding with Ably. You'll most likely find her tweeting about a cool app or speaking at a tech conference. In her spare time she volunteers at the Mozilla Foundation and is a champion of the open web.

Kieran Kilbride-Singh

Content Marketer

Writer + marketer with enough technical know-how to be dangerous in GitHub repos. He's been writing about tech for five years, first flexing his fingers on topics like interoperability in IoT devices.

Gemma Sheehan

Sales Development Representative

Ably enthusiast who loves connecting with people and accelerating innovation. Talk to me about your realtime needs!

James Frost

Site Reliability Engineer

Qualified expert in Y2K bug preparedness.

Jonathan Mercier-Ganady

Distributed Systems Engineer

Jonathan has more than 11 years of professional experience in software development, having worked in various domains like video-games, 3D applications, Augmented Reality applications, and now distributed systems. Has an interest in free software and myrmecology. Author of Actiona, a desktop automation tool. Jonathan holds an MSc and a PhD in Computer Science on the interaction between Brain-Computer Interfaces and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Jodie Pinkowski

Head of People

Looks after people related things: recruitment/talent, onboarding, retention etc. Experience so far has mainly been with tech companies and start-ups.

Dominik Elmiger

Head of Marketing

Doing marketing things for Ably.

Rebecca Bellovin

Distributed Systems Engineer

Mathematician-turned-programmer. Otherwise interested in SF/F, cycling, falling off rocks, and bread

Michael Ade-Kunle

Interim Marketing Executive

Content and marketing connoisseur

Quintin Willison

Lead SDK Developer

Software engineer with experience ranging from mobile app development to show control systems programming. Always happy to give it a go. Mostly not afraid of getting it wrong!

Tom Hammond

Alliance Director

Building a world class partner and alliance ecosystem for joint success.

Jo Franchetti

Developer Advocate

Jo is a developer advocate. She is passionate about PWAs, WebXR and great CSS. She’s got 7 years experience as a front end developer and has worked in various parts of the tech industry from startups, agencies, charities to large organizations. She is also a mentor and organiser at codebar.io where she is able to act on her passion not only for teaching good use of the web but also for improving the diversity and inclusivity of the tech industry.

George Shabunin

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Translates ideas to code. Enjoys trekking, snowboarding and spending time with his dog.

Jamie Newcomb

Project Manager

Jamie is a project manager with a keen interest in agile delivery. He has been delivering projects across multiple technology areas for 5+ years and is now helping to apply best delivery practices within Ably.

Jack Ukleja

Product Lead

Loves Ably and feedback.

Dominik Piatek

Senior Front-End Developer

Dom has been fixing websites since IE9 was the hot new Microsoft browser. In breaks between verticlly aligning things with CSS (no longer a thing!) he built a really bad CMS in PHP (never again), a BEM framework in Sass (never again), used React since before it was a tag on Linkedin, lead teams delivering full stack projects and is secretly rewriting your CI/CD pipeline. Somewhere inbetween he plays squash, paints miniature soldiers and builds LEGO pony stables with his daughter.

Alex Diaconu

Marketing Content Manager

Alex has been working in various content-related roles for more than 5 years. He's especially passionate about creating and managing technical content. Bacon ice cream is his weakness.

Kenneth Kalmer

Head of Web Engineering

Kenneth has been building for the web for 20 years now, and has done everything from rack servers to coercing pixels in browsers to align perfectly. He values simplicity, efficiency and to builds to delight users.

Ben Gamble

Head of DevRel

Ben has spent the last ten years solving hard problems in tech, ranging form augmented reality and 3D games to logistics and machine learning. He works to make the vision of realtime into the art of the possible for anyone using Ably.

Mark Woulfe

Technical Writer

An ex-Game Developer come Technical Writer. I have industry expertise in writing documentation for AR and Gaming platforms and supporting developers. My ability to read/write code and work closely and empathize with developers is what sets me apart.

Ivan Kavalerov

Product Manager

Making sure that Ably's products and technologies delight and bring value to customers.

Brandon Maytham

Security & IT Admin

I have spent most of my life around Linux and open source projects within the security space.

Matthew Esch

Distributed Systems Engineer

Matt is a Software Engineer with a passion for building reliable internet-scale systems. Before joining Ably, Matt spent 6 years conceiving and scaling Uber's distributed global infrastructure with Node.js and Golang. Matt believes that performance and reliability are highly related and has a specialised interest in system-level debugging and performance profiling.

Paul Cruickshank

Distributed Systems Engineer

Likes solving hard problems and learning stuff.

Maik Zumstrull

Site Reliability Engineer

Putting reliability first and trying to keep things running.

Lupo Bear

Office dog and bitecode engineer

Low level dev with interests in bitecode, the Play framework, an aversion to Python and recently interested in Scratch.

Contributors and Maintainers

Jack Rutherford

Ably .Net and Xamarin developer

.Net and Xamarin client library SDK maintainer

Rafael Jegundo

Rails Engineer

Rails developer based in Portugal who's been largely responsible for the Ably website, dashboards, e-commerce tools and our status site.

Ricardo Pereira

iOS Engineer

iOS client library SDK maintainer, based in Portugal.

Julien Letessier

Distributed Systems Engineer

Node, Go, and Ruby programmer. Ex Deliveroo, HouseTrip. Now lives in Grenoble, France. Likes to tinker with servers when not interrupted by the kid or the cats.

Michal Mazurek

Site Reliability Engineer

Coder, sysadmin, UNIX engineer. After hours learning to bake excellent bread.

Cesare Rocchi

Senior Software Engineer

Working on Ably's iOS, Android and JS SDKs

John Diamond

Distributed Systems Engineer

Node.js and Go developer and music geek based in Berlin.

John is helping to maintain and expand our distributed realtime systems.

Simon Richardson

SRE & Distributed Engineer

Go engineer, functional programmer observer and avid mountain biker.

Tom Eklöf

Distributed Systems Engineer

Programmer and games industry migrant. Loves spending time in nature.

Lewis Marshall


DevOps expert who has been contributing to the open source community for some time, primarily in Go, Ruby and the Linux ecosystem.

Background: University of Cambridge Maths graduate, Flynn core contributor, EngineYard

Toni Cárdenas

Senior Software Engineer

Go, Node.js and iOS engineer focused on upcoming and experimental feature development at Ably.

Diogo Lucas

Rails Engineer

Rails site maintainer based in Portugal.

Renato de Leão

Front-end Developer

Improving Ably's web platforms and keeping them up-to-date with the frontend madness, one commit at the time.

From Portugal, with love and codfish.

Martin Georgiev

.NET Engineer

.NET client library SDK developer, based in the UK.

Nathanael Anderson

Nativescript Engineer

NativeScript client library SDK maintainer.

J. David Ibáñez

Python Engineer

Python and PHP library maintainer, based in Spain.

Ca Phun Ung

UI and Rails Engineer

UI and Rails developer based in Hong Kong.

Background: jQuery UI contributor, co-founder of Tofugear in Hong Kong

William Yeung

Rails Engineer

Rails developer based in Hong Kong, lead a team of developers who worked on the Ably website product.

Background: jQuery UI contributor, co-founder of Tofugear in Hong Kong

Vincent Bonmalis

Go, Ruby Engineer and DevOps

A superb polyglot developer who has helped contribute extensively to our infrastructure management and automation systems.

Nuno Silva

Rails Engineer

Rails developer based on Portugal who's contributed to our EventMachine based web servers and our status site.

Peter Saxton

Elixir Engineer

Peter has worked extensively with Simon on our Elixir services and also been a big instigator of awesome experimental ideas using our realtime infrastructure.

Matúš Koprda

PHP Engineer

PHP client library SDK developer, based in Bratislava.

André Ericson

Python Engineer

Python client library SDK developer, based in Brazil.

Hélio Meira Lins

Python Engineer

Python client library SDK developer, based in Brazil.

Flávio Juvenal da Silva Junior

Python Engineer

Python client library SDK developer, based in Brazil.

Rafal Jeczalik

Go Engineer

Go client library SDK developer, based in Poland.

Gökhan Barış Aker

Java and Android Engineer

Java and Android client library SDK developer, based on Dubai.

Jason Choy

iOS, Python and Node.js Engineer

Contributed significantly to the initial builds of our iOS and Python client library SDKs, based in Australia.

Victor Zaccarelli

iOS Engineer

iOS client library developer, based in the UK.

Stanislav Nedelchev

Mobile, .NET, iOS and Android Engineer

A very talented developer from Bulgaria who has helped test our client libraries in realistic environments by building demos across multiple platforms

Alexandros Georgious

Node and Javascript Engineer

Ably Javascript and Node.js client library developer, based in Greece.

Yavor Ivanov

.NET Engineer

.NET client library SDK developer, based in Bulgaria.