Realtime dashboards, financial data and collaboration

Ensure data is kept in sync in real time to any number of users with the guaranteed low latency and quality of service offered by our platform

Some examples built on Ably

  • Codewars

    Codewars is where developers achieve code mastery through challenge. Users train on kata in the dojo and receive updates in real time with Ably.

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  • Class 123

    Class123 is a classroom management tool teachers access from their PC and share the service on the projector screen to students. With Ably, teachers can use the mobile app as a remote control to control the PC screen real time.

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Ably powers realtime dashboards, financial streams and collaborative apps with

  • Group and one-to-one communication

    We provide an unlimited number of channels for dedicated one-to-one or group chats or broadcasts.

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  • Presence and device awareness

    Subscribe to events when users enter or leave channels / classrooms.

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  • Realtime user state

    Using our presence feature, know when users are typing, or get updates in realtime as a user updates their status to busy.

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  • Chat history

    Realtime data persisted into our database can be retrieved at a later time by devices or servers.

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  • Token based access control

    You maintain complete control of who can access shared or personal realtime data.

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  • Connection state recovery

    With Ably, loss of connectivity does not need to result in data loss. We provide message continuity across disconnects.

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  • Direct message routing

    We ensure data transferred between devices is always routed using the most efficient path, which means your class rooms or collaborative environments feels instantaneous.

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  • Guaranteed delivery & ordering

    Our quality of service and reliable message ordering guarantee lets you focus on building your service knowing that your users won't miss a thing

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  • End-to-end encryption

    If your data is sensitive, then our libraries offer symmetric 256-bit AES encryption ensuring no one, including ourselves, can inspect your data payloads.

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  • Smart mobile and browser push notifications

    Use our smart browser and push notifications to get your users' attention when they're not already engaged with your app.

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  • AI and bots built on queues

    Using our message queues that can deliver realtime chat or events to your servers, you can respond in real time and provide AI like intelligence

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  • WebHook notifications

    Use WebHooks to be notified via HTTP when channels are created, users become present or even messages are published.

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  • Consistent client libraries on every platform

    Simplify development with our libraries offering a consistent API on every popular platform.

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  • Privacy and compliance

    We never inspect payloads and are a registered ICO data processor. We ensure your data is secure and sandboxed within your account.

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