Robotics and IoT remote control

Power bi-directional secured communication with physical devices in real time using the Ably platform.

Some examples built on Ably

  • Unifly

    Unifly has developed an award-winning cloud-based management platform that enables the safe integration of drones into the aviation system, called Unifly Unmanned Traffic Management System, known as UniflyUTMS.

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  • CurveTips

    In partnership with RobotLAB, CurveTips have built a fashion recommendation system on a Pepper Robot. Ably was used to keep all components responsive to feedback in real time.

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Ably delivers robotics and IoT solutions with

  • Pub/sub messaging

    Using channels devices can broadcast out realtime updates to any number of subscribers.

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  • Presence and device awareness

    Subscribe to events when devices go online or offline.

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  • Device state

    Devices can maintain state in Ably that is broadcasted out in real time to other devices or servers interested, such as GPS location.

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  • Protocol interoperability and MQTT

    Use the right protocol for the job with Ably's protocol adapters adding support for the low energy protocol MQTT, and queuing protocols STOMP and AMQP.

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  • Connection state recovery

    When devices lose their connection, they don't need to lose message continuity and data integrity.

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  • Message history

    Realtime data persisted into our database can be retrieved at a later time by devices or servers.

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  • Direct message routing

    We ensure data transferred between devices is always routed using the most efficient path, which means it's fast.

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  • Guaranteed delivery & ordering

    Our quality of service and reliable message ordering guarantee lets you focus on building your service.

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  • End-to-end encryption

    If you device data is sensitive, then our libraries offer symmetric 256-bit AES encryption ensuring no one, including ourselves, can inspect your data payloads.

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  • Token based access control

    You maintain complete control over which devices can publish or subscribe to realtime data.

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  • Smart mobile and browser push notifications

    Use our smart browser and push notifications to get the attention of users when a threshold on a device is breached.

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  • Low energy client libraries

    Using our protocol adapters, we offer compatibility with a wide range of embedded and other low-energy realtime client libraries.

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  • Consistent client libraries on every platform

    Simplify development with our libraries offering a consistent API on every popular platform.

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  • Processing realtime data with queues

    Data published into the realtime system can be processed using message queues thus alleviating back pressure and simplifying data ingestion onto your servers.

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  • WebHook notifications

    Use WebHooks to be notified via HTTP when a device comes online or publishes a message.

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  • Privacy and compliance

    We never inspect payloads and are a registered ICO data processor. We ensure your data is secure and sandboxed within your account.

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