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    All Self-service features plus:

  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Burstable to 5x of prepaid quota
  • Target support response time of 1 business hour
  • Guaranteed support response within 2 business hours
  • Technical support over the phone and live chat
  • Contextual consultations based on use-case
  • US-only or EU-only regional storage option
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Personal account manager


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Monthly peak channels & connections

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Effective cost p/thousand:

Overage cost p/thousand: $12.50

Package Discount:

The configured package saves you per month by buying messages, connections and channels in advance as opposed to paying for overages.

Effective cost p/million:

Overage cost p/million: $1.25


$ Free per month*

SSL enabled

No credit card required

* Excludes local taxes and over usage charges ($1.25 p/million messages, $12.50 p/thousand connections or channels)
* All prices are in USD
With approximately 290,000 passenger trips a day it is vital that Metra deliver real-time updates for train arrival information. With the tools made available by Ably, Metra is able to deliver real-time data to customers quickly, dependably, and cost effectively, which prove beneficial for both Metra and Metra passengers.

Cherie Kizer

CIO / Metra

Pricing FAQs

We’re not sure what we need. Can we speak to someone?

Of course. Customer support and sales agents can be reached over our live chat, ticketing system and on the phone. Get in touch.

We need to customize our limits/package. Is this possible?

Certainly. It sounds like you need an Enterprise plan.
Get in touch if you want to speak with someone.

The free package sounds good, but what restrictions do I need to be aware of?

The free package is production ready but it is designed for low volume production use. When it comes to support, we will prioritize our paying customers, so we can only provide best-effort support.

As you’d expect, our free package has a fixed usage quota. Free packages are limited to a total of 3m messages per month, 100 peak connections and 100 peak channels. Any requests sent to the Ably platform that exceed this threshold will be automatically rejected, and you will be notified.
If these limits are holding you back you can upgrade to a paid plan from within your account dashboard at any time.

Can I use the free package forever or is it only for a trial period?

Our free packages last forever and will support you for as long as it fits your usage requirements.

What happens if I go over the reserved message volume, peak connections or peak channels for the month?

If you exceed your reserved capacity, and you're on a Self-service or Business package, you're able to burst to 2.5x or 5x your monthly quota, respectively. You’ll receive a notification from Ably when you are nearing your prepaid quota, and again when you’ve begun exceeding your plan quota. However, service will continue as normal. Once you exceed your prepaid quota, you will be charged at the month end for overages at a rate of $1.25 per million messages, $12.50 for every 1,000 peak connections and $12.50 for every 1,000 peak channels. So that you can manage your monthly spend, we will always send you a warning when you’re reaching your prepaid quota, when you’ve exceeded it and when you’re nearing your hard limit of 2.5x or 5x your prepaid quota.

If you’re an Enterprise customer, we will work with you to ensure you never reach your hard limits by both provisioning excess burstable capacity and actively monitoring your account usage throughout the month.

How are messages counted?

Every message published or received is counted towards your message allocation. So, if you publish one message to a channel with 10 subscribers, this will be counted as 11 messages (1 published + 10 received). Additionally:

  • If you are using presence, then every time a user enters or leaves presence, or updates their presence data, that is counted as a message published by them (so as above, for a 10 person channel, it will count as 11 messages).
  • If you choose to persist your messages, every message persisted or retrieved from your history is counted towards your message allocation.
  • Monthly messages, from a billing perspective, are calculated based on the greater of the total bandwidth or total messages published and received. While the max message size for free accounts is 16KiB by default, and 64KiB for Self-service and Business accounts, the average Ably message size by default is 2KiB. If your average message size is, for example, 16KiB, Ably would count each message as 8 messages of 2KiB.
  • Event filtering on a channel such as subscribe('event_name', function(){...}) is done client-side. As a result, all messages published on a channel are still sent to the client and so will count towards your allocation.
  • Messages published by a realtime connection are echoed back to the publisher unless ClientOptions#echoMessages is set to false. So by default, every message published by a realtime connection will count as two messages.

How are peak connections counted?

Peak connections are the maximum total number of client devices devices (browser, mobile, server, etc.) that you have connections to your account at any time in a calendar month. A single connection can be attached to many channels, using a number of our supported transports (such as WebSockets or HTTP), and this will still only count as one connection.

How are peak channels counted?

Peak channels are the maximum total number of channels active in your account at any time in a calendar month. A channel becomes active when a client attaches to a channel, or when a client publishes to a channel. A channel will remain active for as long as a connected client remains attached to that channel, or for up to two minutes after the last activity on a channel such as a publish event or a client detaching from that channel.

How can I track my usage?

We provide realtime statistics in your account dashboard covering, amongst others, the total number of messages, peak connections, peak channels, total bandwidth, average message size. You can also access your stats programmatically via our API.

Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time?

Of course you can, we will never lock you in. If you upgrade in the middle of your billing period then we will calculate your new allocation of messages reserved pro-rata to the time left in that month. However, if you downgrade, the new reserved number of messages and subscription amount will come into effect the following month.

Can I install Ably on my own servers inside my network?

We do not currently support a self-hosted version of Ably because of the immense complexity that is required in running a 100% available low-latency global service. If you are concerned with security or need to transmit highly sensitive data, then we recommend that you consider using the symmetric encryption feature of our client library SDKs. This will ensure that no one without your private key, including Ably, can see the content of any messages transmitted using our service.

If however you feel you need to install Ably on your servers, please get in touch.

What is your Data Protection policy and are you HIPAA compliant?

Ably is a registered Data Controller in the UK. Please see our data protection policy for more info.

In regards to Ably's HIPAA compliance, please see our Ably U.S. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Statement.

Can I ensure my data remains only in the US or EU?

Yes, this feature is available to Business and Enterprise customers. Find out more about EU-only storage and US-only storage.