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Ably is a platform that makes it easy for you to add realtime messaging and streaming data to your applications

Ably lets you open up an unlimited number of realtime connections, without any extra burden on your servers. Whether you’ve got 2 or 2 million users, our servers will create persistent, bi-directional message streams to each of them.

We use a hand-picked selection of cutting-edge protocols to keep your connections open — from WebSockets to XHR, HTTP Streaming, Long Polling and JSONP. See some examples of Ably in action.

We’re a generous lot at Ably. We give you:

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The conventional way computers communicate on the Internet is by the request/response model . This works fine, but data can’t be pushed to devices, latencies are high (i.e. it’s slow) and no state is maintained between requests.

Real-time messaging fixes these problems. Latencies are lower because there is no overhead setting up a connection for each message sent. Connections are symmetrical and either end can simultaneously send messages across the established connection. And connection state is maintained, providing better reliability and performance.

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Incredible speed

Limitless capacity from our global high-performance infrastructure

Ably is fast. We have over 22 data centers around the world, creating a meshed service with unlimited capacity to reduce latency.

Your messages are intelligently routed the shortest distance between your clients and the nearest physical server. With no central hub, there’s no congestion.

Plus, messages are binary encoded to keep data transfers nice and speedy.

We’re proud of our performance stats, so take a look.

Total reliability

Always operational, with no single point of failure

We designed Ably from scratch, with no single point of failure in any of our 24+ data centers.

We’re so confident of our reliability, we guarantee our uptime. If you catch us with our service (or pants) down, we’ll give you a refund. And that’s a standard part of all our packages.

Simple integration

Clearly documented APIs and libraries, and all the support you need

We’re developers too, so we know what you need to build that next great app.

Ably has consistent APIs across all languages, including Node, .NET, iOS, Go, Java, Ruby and Python. Did we mention the excellent documentation written by our coders?

Integration languages

If you’ve seen the light, and are migrating over from another service, we’ve got API compatible libraries for other services.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got support forums and a free helpdesk.

    var ably = new Ably.Realtime(key),
        channel = ably.channels.get('demo');
    // Subscribe to messages
    channel.subscribe(function (message) {
    // Publish a message to the demo channel
    channel.publish('greeting', 'hello');
    ably =
    channel = ably.channels['demo']
    # Subscribe to messages
    channel.subscribe('greeting') do |msg|
    # Publish a message to the demo channel
    channel.publish 'greeting', 'hello'
    ably = AblyRest(key)
    channel = ably.channels.demo
    # Publish a message to the demo channel
    channel.publish('greeting', 'hello')
    # Get messages from history
    AblyRealtime ably = new AblyRealtime(opts);
    Channel channel = ably.channels.get("demo");
    /* Subscribe to messages */
    MessageListener listener;
    listener = new MessageListener() {
      public void onMessage(Message[] msgs) {
    channel.subscribe("demo", listener);
    /* Publish a message to the demo channel */
    channel.publish("demo", "hello");
    options := ably.ClientOptions{
      ApiKey: key
    client  := ably.NewRealtimeClient(options)
    channel := client.Channel('demo')
    /* Subscribe to messages */
    msgFn := func(msg protocol.Message) {
    listener := ably.NewMessageListener(msgFn)
    /* Publish a message to the demo channel */
    channel.Publish("demo", "hello")

    Send yourself a message

    Copy and paste this code into your terminal and discover the incredible realtime speed of Ably:

    curl \ \
    --user 1WChTA.vl1tlQ:092Mew4jEI3ZhRP9 \
    --data "name=alert&data=Well+hello+there"

    Hardened security

    Solid protection for you, your users and their data

    Your data is always secure with Ably, at every point in our system.

    Token-based authentication means that you keep your private key - private. With really sensitive data, use our 256-bit AES encryption. Even we won’t be able to see your data without your private key.

    We’re resilient to DOS attacks and service abuse. We’ve focussed so hard on security, our eyes hurt a little bit.

    Every connection has a configurable security policy. You decide what your users can do on chosen channels. And all Ably packages support SSL/TLS.

    Universal connectivity

    Optimised connections for any web-enabled device on earth

    Ably works on any web-connected device, anywhere, on any connection. We’re not fussy.

    We’ve built our client libraries so that devices connect quickly, and stay connected. We use WebSockets, XHR, HTTP streaming, HTTP polling and JSONP to open simultaneous connections and upgrade to the best available transport for your circumstances.

    Ably keeps proxies, firewalls and even ancient browsers communicating with your service. Changing conditions like mobile networks aren’t a problem.

    Ably just works, in almost any language. See some examples now.

    • Presence

      With presence notifications, you’ll always know who’s in a channel, so you can respond in real time to anyone joining or leaving. Ably’s perfect for online games, live chat and collaboration tools.

    • History storage & retrieval

      Ably will store all messages on channels you choose for up to 24 hours by default. There are no hard limits for amounts of data stored or how long you want it stored, and at any point you can retrieve the history via our API.

    • Push notifications

      We support mobile push notifications iOS and Android devices, and also HTTP WebHooks for pushing events in batches to your servers whenever you want them.

    • Guaranteed

      Messages sent from our client libraries to the Ably service are guaranteed to be published and persisted once confirmation is received. Ably gives you the resilience of a message queuing system with the speed and simplicity of a realtime service.

    • Migration support

      If you’re coming to Ably from other systems, we have API compatible libraries for PubNub and Pusher. If you want to join us, get in touch for help migrating.

    • Customer support

      We’ve got thorough documentation written by coders, for coders. Our knowledge base is comprehensive and up to date. We’ve got a support forum, or you can email us 24/7.

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