About Us

We are a business of realtime evangelists, making the web and the Internet a realtime experience.

Ably will connect any number of devices, from anywhere on the planet, over any internet connection, efficiently and in real time.

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Why we built Ably

Demanding and impatient – that’s a typical web user, us included. We want more and more instantaneous experiences and immediate feedback from all our connected devices. But the World Wide Web, with its slightly creaky legacy protocols, isn’t up to the task.

Realtime messaging is changing the world, so we’re changing realtime messaging. We created Ably to deliver a hugely scalable, super-fast and secure hosted realtime data delivery platform for internet-enabled devices.

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What we've achieved

We are proud of our company. We’re working hard towards our vision. Here is some of what we’ve achieved:

  • Assembled the best team of world-class realtime evangelists
  • Architected our servers as a global distributed resilient mesh in 8 geographical locations and more than 22 data centres
  • Developed a technology and platform agnostic approach, so Ably works on nearly every Internet-enabled device on the planet
  • Established the industry’s first 100% uptime SLA
  • Delivered a world class realtime platform-as-a-service that is powering big brands such as Computer Associates, Offerup and Yahoo.

And that’s just the beginning...

We’re not done yet.

Ably is established, but the demand for realtime is huge, and still growing. We’ll keep on providing the infrastructure and features that developers need.

We're an innovative bunch. We've got big plans for our realtime data delivery platform and additional services built on our realtime infrastructure. (Can you hear the gentle rustling of our roadmap?)

In the meantime, let us know if you have a realtime idea that we can help with.

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