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What our customers are saying about Ably

Choosing Ably was an easy decision.Their technology platform offered unique features combined with scalability and performance which shaped how we build our gaming infrastructure and realtime features. As from the beginning we knew we could rely on Ably as we grow, their pricing supported our growth, and their team deeply understood our technical challenges and helped us at every step along the way

Sam Jones

CEO / Ballr
Thank you for raising the channel limit. We are most likely going to need even more channels in the future as we are building more realtime feature into our application. Ably is doing very well for us. It’s just working and it’s simple to use. We still love it.

Richard Bjorntvedt

Technical Manager & Co-Founder / 24SevenOffice
The ability to guarantee the message delivery and ordering of our live stats for our players is crucial for our success and Ably’s unique realtime features proved to be rock solid in ensuring reliable realtime data delivery so we can focus on introducing new game features instead.

Adam Moss

Technical Director / Fantasy Football Fix/ Sports Analytics Group
By choosing Ably, we were able to simplify our realtime architecture and save money while taking advantage of the unique features such as guaranteed message ordering & delivery and EU-only storage. This has kept us on the cutting edge of realtime tech and allowed us instead to focus on growing our user base.

Neville Dastur

Co-founder and CTO / Hospify
We are very pleased with Ably so far. We are using it for realtime chat capabilities in our product - CompassPRM. Our product consists of a suite of applications that are targeted to patient engagement for Rare Disease therapy programs. Pretty cool stuff!

Bill Witt

Director of Product Development / Red Arrow Labs

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