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What our customers are saying about Ably

We are very pleased with Ably so far. We are using it for realtime chat capabilities in our product - CompassPRM. Our product consists of a suite of applications that are targeted to patient engagement for Rare Disease therapy programs. Pretty cool stuff!

Bill Witt

Director of Product Development / Red Arrow Labs
As a data point, we were suffering from out-of-order delivery of messages on our previous realtime platform. A reasonably important issue for our use case, which is concerned with keeping frontend client apps in sync with the backend. Those issues either disappeared, or were very much reduced once we’ve migrated onto Ably.

Steve Meyfroidt

Enterprise Architect / CloudCXO
Thanks to Ably's ability to provide compatible protocols with other vendors, we completely switched over to Ably with barely a day’s worth of work on our production site that was mostly testing which is priceless. We've now been using Ably for several months and we have yet to stumble upon a single issue.

David Ramalho

Senior Developer / Homestay.com
We are using Ably for a new call center app to provide realtime metrics to representatives. It’s been great so far, we are using React on the frontend and it’s been very very easy to get up and running which is great because we didn't want to have to maintain our own socket servers for this.

Justin Hilles

Principal Software Architect / Underground Elephant
We're taking our first steps into cloud integration, using serverless features from AWS (API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Kinesis, etc), and using Ably for notifications, messaging and team chat rooms. Ably has been great in accelerating our Cloud adoption; we don't have the dev-ops to maintain fleets of VMs or Docker containers, so your solution was instrumental in getting our application up-and-running in such a short period of time.

David Vincent

Software Developer Thermo / Fisher Scientific

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