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What our customers are saying about Ably

As a data point, we were suffering from out-of-order delivery of messages on our previous realtime platform. A reasonably important issue for our use case, which is concerned with keeping frontend client apps in sync with the backend. Those issues either disappeared, or were very much reduced once we’ve migrated onto Ably.

Steve Meyfroidt

Enterprise Architect / CloudCXO
We could talk for hours about the technical excellence of the product or the great value that Ably brings for our business. But it is the level of care that the Ably team demonstrates every single day for their customers that makes their solution a no-brainer for us.

Lee Cook

Founder and CEO / Stadion
Thanks to Ably's ability to provide compatible protocols with other vendors, we completely switched over to Ably with barely a day’s worth of work on our production site that was mostly testing which is priceless. We've now been using Ably for several months and we have yet to stumble upon a single issue.

David Ramalho

Senior Developer / Homestay.com
We are extremely happy with our switch to Ably. We were able to change from our previous vendor with no interruption in service thanks to Ably’s protocol adapters, which is impressive given the fact that it required all of our users to make the switch to the new realtime platform, at exactly the same time.

Leon Campise

Co-Founder & Technical Leader / PeopleFun
Choosing Ably has been quite easy for us because of its feature set, its scalability, high availability and its fair pricing that can let us grow with confidence.

Damien Harper

CTO / Sanilea

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