Ably & AWS

Ably collaborates and integrates with Amazon Web Servies (AWS) so we can better serve our developer community and enterprise customers.

Why Ably has partnered with AWS

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Ably on the AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace streamlines customer adoption of technology, such as Ably's enterprise-ready Pub/Sub messaging platform, via a consolidated purchase environment and integration with their AWS accounts, which have terms already established.

AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts simplifies the process even further by enabling customers to prepay for Ably based on expected usage tiers through contracts up to one year in length. The Ably infrastructure cost is integrated into the customer's AWS bill once they subscribe, resulting in a consolidated, easy to process bill.


Ably for Serverless

A simple Google search on 'serverless' would lead you to a humongous number of articles trying to convince you how serverless architecture is the next big thing!

An application is said to have a serverless architecture if a major part of it's computing depends on various third party architecture services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. The concept of serverless computing is such a big relief for application developers since the whole complexity as well as cost involved with setting up and maintaining such an architecture that is both reliable and scalable, is almost eliminated.


AWS Partner Network

Ably is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network. Achieving a competency within the AWS Partner Network (APN) differentiates Ably as a member that provides specialized demostrated technical proeficiency. As APN Partner, Ably is recognized for offering a best-in class solution that gives developers access to the fully-integrated platform they need to efficiently design, quickly ship, and seamlessly scale critical realtime functionality delivered directly to end-users.


Trivially integrate Ably with the AWS ecosystem

Ably provides fully-managed integrations with the rich AWS ecosystem so you can deploy best-in-class tooling across your entire stack using the ecosystem you’re already invested in. We deliver a service layer you can depend on for your complete realtime needs, while providing a performant and reliable gateway to the AWS services that best meet your requirements. This includes AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis, and AWS SQS.

Collaborating with AWS will allow Ably to better serve the developer community as we continue to scale with our customers and partners. With Ably on the AWS Marketplace, AWS customers can more easily get started with Ably to enable realtime messaging for their applications and services. We're exited to collaborate with AWS and bring Ably to an even wider audience through the substantial reach of AWS

Dr Paddy Byers

CTO of Ably