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  •  •  1 min read

    Ably solidarity statement for race equality globally

    We at Ably are humbled by, and stand in solidarity with, those who are now protesting for global racial justice.

    We are realising that silence, ignorance and apathy are forms of racism just as much as hate is. Enjoying the rewards of access and privilege, and failing to work towards making those rights universal, is racism.

    We support the various charities that are fighting for equality and justice and are contributing to Minnesota Freedom Fund. In addition to our personal contributions, as a company we are matching all charitable contributions made by staff to this and other relevant charities. However, we want to know how to make a difference in a way that continues after current events are no longer trending. The most important step is to be educated so that each of us can contribute to actual lasting change.

    We are sharing Anti-Racism resources with staff and seeking to understand how we can act differently in the way we recruit, how we manage and develop our staff, and how we work throughout the business. This is an ongoing journey for us and all of our society, and we welcome all guidance from the community on that journey.

    Paddy Byers

    Paddy Byers

    Paddy is Ably's CTO. He has 20+ years experience building + leading software teams and was CTO of Tao Group for 8 years. He is a realtime specialist + active open source dev + contributor to node.js.

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