How mature are public transport APIs in 2019?

Our most important digital interactions now happen in real time. We expect the same from the apps and transport systems we use to traverse our cities on a daily basis. Do public transport sector APIs meet this new demand?

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A view into the universe of realtime transport APIs

The report looks at ten cities across the globe, scoring and ranking them on ten indicators of maturity. Learn what the pioneers are doing, what those just starting on their Realtime API journeys can do better, and find actionable recommendations for your own Realtime API program.

The state of realtime transport APIs today

A set of clear dimensions that capture different aspects of effectively deploying Realtime APIs right now. Any transport provider can focus on these dimensions and improve their own API programs to engage more developers, boost API uptake, and drive innovation that leads to improved experiences across transport systems.

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Key findings from across the maturity scale

Many cities are only just embarking on their Realtime API journey. But some are doing better than others.

  • Cities across the world are coalescing around a de facto transport data format
  • Many transport providers struggle to provide ‘real’ realtime APIs due to a lack of robust, performant infrastructure
  • Those advancing beyond REST APIs to data streaming protocols and transports are generating hundreds of millions in economic benefits to their city
  • Documentation is a real struggle for some providers, whereas some are excelling
  • Doing just a few things well can attract many developers

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TfL now view accurate, real-time travel data as a complement to transport infrastructure in their overriding goal of serving London’s transport users.

Open Data Institute’s Transport for London case study

Take your APIs to the next level

Transform your transport API program and download the 47-page report now. Inside the report:

  • What the pioneers are doing that you can do right now
  • Which areas have the highest impact on an API program
  • The benefit Realtime APIs can have holistically across a transport system

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Easy realtime transport APIs with Ably

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