A scalable service to trigger events and stream data from Ably's pub/sub channels and platform

Reactor diagram

Robust data processing

Process data the right way using queues or streams

  • Message queues

    Process, transform and respond to realtime data as it happens. Our message queues allow you to do this the right way from your own worker servers.

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  • Firehose

    Stream your realtime data published within the Ably platform directly to another streaming or queueing service such as Amazon Kinesis or Apache Storm.

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Realtime Events

  • WebHooks to your server

    We can notify your servers over HTTP in real time when devices become present, channels become active, or messages are published.

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  • Serverless functions

    Allow your serverless functions, such as Amazon Lambda, to be invoked following channel lifecycle events (such as channel creation), presence events (such as members entering or leaving) or messages being published.

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The protocols we support at Ably

  • The Ably Reactor supports:

    • Google Cloud Functions
      Google Cloud Functions
    • AWS Lambda
      AWS Lambda
    • Azure Functions
      Azure Functions
    • Webhooks
    • WebSub Coming soon
    • AMQP
    • Kafka
      Kafka Coming soon
    • Kinesis
    • Amazon SQS
      Amazon SQS