And what are they making?

Technology logos: Javascript, Adroid, Python, Angular, Ruby, iOS, .Net, Php, Java, Unity
  • Chat and VoIP platforms

    Build secure group and one-to-one chat applications for the web and mobile devices, and collaborative social media platforms.

  • Robotics and IoT remote control

    Power bi-directional secured communication with physical devices in real time using Ably.

  • Audience engagement

    Keep fans engaged with real time updates as-they-happen, empower your users to collaborate with other users in real time.

  • Sports and Gambling

    Deliver engaging realtime user experiences for gamers backed by secure, low latency, guaranteed data delivery.

  • Fleet management and realtime logistics

    Keep track of your fleet of vehicles in real time, provide up to date realtime delivery details to your customers, in spite of changing network conditions.

  • Realtime retail experiences and e-commerce

    Deliver realtime retail experiences to customers in-store, improve conversions with timely content to connected devices.

  • Multiplayer gaming

    Power massively multiplayer games in realtime leveraging our global low latency network.

  • Elearning

    Enable people to collaborate in real time and receive live updates from any number of data sources.

  • Data and Analytics

    Power up your data and analytics using realtime data delivery and ensure end-to-end encryption and connection state recovery of your data flows.

  • Pharma and Healthcare

    Enable a superior realtime healthcare experience for your users while maintaining personally identifiable health information stored securely.

  • SaaS Platforms

    Deliver web and mobile collaborative realtime components to your platform using our scalable realtime data delivery platform.

For what it’s worth, working with the Ably API was a complete joy - you guys did exactly what we needed.

Tao Klerks

Architect at NetSuite / Oracle Netsuite

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