Ably Data Stream Network

Ably’s global Data Stream Network provides rock-solid infrastructure and efficient network architecture.

Businesses depend on us to operate highly available apps, services, and APIs. It gives them the ability to stream data anywhere, at any scale, with mission-critical reliability. By building on Ably’s Data Stream Network, engineering teams reduce their technical complexity so they can focus on innovation.

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Push Notifications

Ably’s Push Notifications offers a way to notify your users working with apps on native iOS and Android platforms.

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Protocol Adapters

The Ably platform ensures interoperability between clients using our native Ably realtime protocol, and clients using other realtime or queueing protocols, including some of our competitors. We believe customers should choose the right protocol for the job, and migrate to Ably with ease.

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Reactor Integrations

Reactor Events runs code on your servers by invoking serverless functions for each message in real time.

Reactor Queues provide a scalable way to consume realtime data from your servers.

Reactor Firehose streams your data into 3rd party systems such as Kinesis or Kafka.

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API Streamer

The Ably API Streamer helps organizations effectively deploy, manage, and distribute streaming APIs so they can focus on building new data streams and not the supporting infrastructure.

Driven by customer demand, industry pioneers are using the API Streamer to develop and distribute streaming APIs to their customers.

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Ably Data Stream Network core features Ably Push Notification features Ably Adapters features Ably Reactor Integrations features Ably API Streamer features

  • Pub/sub Channels

    Publish realtime streams of data over Channels instantly to a limitless number of subscribers.

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  • Presence and device awareness

    Subscribe to events when devices or users enter, leave or update their state on channels.

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  • Message history

    Realtime data persisted into our database can be retrieved at a later time by devices or servers.

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  • Webhooks push

    We can notify your servers over HTTP in real time when devices become present, channels become active, or messages are published.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Connection state recovery

    With Ably, loss of connectivity does not need to result in data loss. We provide message continuity to your users when their devices become disconnected for up to two minutes.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Protocol Adapters

    Our platform supports MQTT, SSE, AMQP, STOMP, and other proprietary realtime protocols. Our Adapter simplifies migration from other realtime platforms and helps to minimize vendor lock-in.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Queueing protocols AMQP & STOMP

    Consume data from the Ably Reactor using AMQP and STOMP queuing protocols.

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  • Internet of Things - MQTT

    MQTT provides a lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices, optimized for high-latency or unreliable networks. MQTT libraries already exist for almost every IoT device around.

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  • Lightweight unidirectional streaming - SSE

    SSE is a lightweight, unidirectional protocol that allows for a request from a client to be held by a server, allowing it to push data to the client without further requests. This helps avoids the overhead involved in normal HTTP requests.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Pusher & PubNub support

    We support some of our competitors' protocols too which simplifies migrating over to Ably.

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  • Token based access control

    You can configure which realtime data and features your users can access using secure tokens issued and signed by your own servers. You maintain complete control.

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  • End-to-end solution

    Stream data direct from its source right through to wherever it needs to go. No other platform supports the complete data supply chain.

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  • Data delta streaming

    Use data deltas to optimize your streams and ensure clients always have the latest version of your data.

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  • End-to-end encryption

    If you consider your data to be sensitive, then our libraries offer symmetric 256-bit AES encryption ensuring no one, including ourselves, can inspect your data payloads.

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  • Interoperability

    We're committed to Open Source. Whichever cloud, protocol or platform you prefer to work with, Ably API Streamer has you covered.

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  • Monetisation

    Use the platform to manage who pays for message and bandwidth charges. You can utilise the Ably Hub to promote and sell your data products and subscriptions or set up a freemium service.

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  • Push notifications

    Use our push notifications to get your users' attention when they're not already engaged with your app.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Guaranteed delivery & ordering

    When the integrity and ordering of your data matters, our quality of service and reliable message ordering guarantee lets you focus on building your app.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Binary protocol

    Our client library SDKs use an efficient binary protocol that reduces bandwidth and improves encoding and transmission performance.

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  • Unique to Ably

    Message queues

    Process, transform and respond to realtime data as it happens. Our message queues allow you to do this the right way from your own worker servers.

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  • Enterprise only


    Stream your realtime data published within the Ably platform directly to another streaming or queueing service such as Amazon Kinesis or Apache Storm.

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  • Serverless functions

    Allow your serverless functions, such as Amazon Lambda, to be invoked following channel lifecycle events (such as channel creation), presence events (such as members entering or leaving) or messages being published.

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  • Multiplexed Websockets

    Our client library SDKs primarily use an efficient multiplexed Websocket connection to subscribe and publish messages on any number of channels.

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  • Realtime analytics

    Use our account dashboards or REST APIs to get access to your account analytics in real time.

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  • Message delta compression

    Reduce bandwidth costs required to transmit realtime messages by sending only changes to a stream instead of the entire payload each time.

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A global edge network

The Ably Network is truly distributed with 15 geographically-distributed core routing datacenters and 205 edge acceleration points-of-presence. And our Network is growing all the time, meaning we can offer unrivaled realtime messaging and data streaming performance, availability, and reliability.

Click on a datacenter pin to check the latency from your location:

  • No. of datacenters
    at location
  • 0 > 50ms
  • 50ms > 100ms
  • 100ms+
  • Edge acceleration point-of-presence (PoP)
From your location:

Calculating latency

  • Your closest datacenter is:

    Loading datacenter location

    (loading number of datacenters)

  • Your closest edge acceleration PoP is:

    (loading endpoint location)

    (loading endpoints)

More Locations:

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Network Capacity

  • 15
    Physical datacenters
  • 205
    Edge acceleration PoPs
  • Billions
    Messages sent every day
  • Millions
    Concurrent connections capacity
  • 100s of millions
    Messages per second capacity

Network Performance

  • < 65ms average global latencies (view 3rd party stats).
  • High-frequency fan-out to millions of global end-users.
  • Latency-based DSN routing ensures clients are always routed to the nearest Ably datacenter and PoP.
  • Binary-encoded messages for further performance optimization.
  • No single point of congestion: load is dynamically reassigned across the Ably network.
  • Intelligent routing means realtime messages are always delivered over the shortest route within our service mesh.

Serving over 30 million end-users across:

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Devices

  • Servers

Datacenter locations

15 datacenters. Last updated 1st August 2019

  1. Asia

    1. Singapore (3)
  2. Europe

    1. London, UK (0)
    2. Ireland, UK (3)
    3. Frankfurt, Germany (2)
  3. North America

    1. North Virginia, US (3)
    2. California, US (2)
  4. Oceania

    1. Australia (2)

Edge acceleration points-of-presence

205 points-of-presence (PoPs). Last updated 22nd September 2020

  1. Africa

    1. Cape Town, South Africa (1)
    2. Johannesburg, South Africa (1)
    3. Nairobi, Kenya (1)
  2. Asia

    1. Bangalore, India (3)
    2. Chennai, India (2)
    3. Hong Kong, China (3)
    4. Hyderabad, India (4)
    5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2)
    6. Mumbai, India (3)
    7. Manila, Philippines (1)
    8. New Delhi, India (4)
    9. Osaka, Japan (1)
    10. Seoul, South Korea (4)
    11. Singapore, Singapore (4)
    12. Taipei, Taiwan (3)
    13. Tokyo, Japan (16)
  3. Australia

    1. Melbourne, Australia (1)
    2. Perth, Australia (1)
    3. Sydney, Australia (4)
  4. China

    1. Beijing, China (1)
    2. Shenzhen, China (1)
    3. Shanghai, China (1)
    4. Zhongwei, China (1)
  5. Europe

    1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2)
    2. Athens, Greece (1)
    3. Berlin, Germany (2)
    4. Brussels, Belgium (1)
    5. Bucharest, Romania (1)
    6. Budapest, Hungary (1)
    7. Copenhagen, Denmark (1)
    8. Dublin, Ireland (1)
    9. Dusseldorf, Germany (1)
    10. Frankfurt am Main, Germany (10)
    11. Helsinki, Finland (1)
    12. Lisbon, Portugal (1)
    13. London, England (9)
    14. Madrid, Spain (2)
    15. Manchester, England (2)
    16. Marseille, France (1)
    17. Milan, Italy (3)
    18. Munich, Germany (2)
    19. Oslo, Norway (1)
    20. Palermo, Italy (1)
    21. Paris, France (5)
    22. Prague, Czech Republic (1)
    23. Rome, Italy (1)
    24. Sofia, Bulgaria (1)
    25. Stockholm, Sweden (3)
    26. Vienna, Austria (1)
    27. Warsaw, Poland (1)
    28. Zurich, Switzerland (2)
  6. Middle East

    1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (1)
    2. Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (1)
    3. Manama, Bahrain (1)
    4. Tel Aviv, Israel (1)
  7. North America

    1. Ashburn, Virginia (6)
    2. Atlanta, Georgia (6)
    3. Boston, Massachusetts (3)
    4. Chicago, Illinois (6)
    5. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (6)
    6. Denver, Colorado (2)
    7. Hayward, California (1)
    8. Hillsboro, Oregon (3)
    9. Houston, Texas (4)
    10. Jacksonville, Florida (1)
    11. Los Angeles, California (5)
    12. Miami, Florida (4)
    13. Minneapolis, Minnesota (1)
    14. Montreal, Quebec (1)
    15. New York, New York (2)
    16. Newark, New Jersey (7)
    17. Palo Alto, California (1)
    18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2)
    19. Phoenix, Arizona (2)
    20. Salt Lake City, Utah (1)
    21. San Jose, California (2)
    22. Seattle, Washington (3)
    23. South Bend, Indiana (1)
    24. Toronto, Ontario (2)
  8. South America

    1. Bogota, Colombia (1)
    2. Buenos Aires, Argentina (1)
    3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2)
    4. Santiago, Chile (1)
    5. Sao Paulo, Brazil (2)

Reduce your engineering complexity and improve performance


Limitless capacity from our global high-performance infrastructure.


Always operational, with no single point of failure.


Clearly documented APIs and libraries, and all the support you need.


Solid protection for you, your users and their data.

  • Authentication

    • Token-based authentication, including JWT support, ensures private keys remain private, and compromised tokens have limited value because of their expiration
    • Support for basic authentication over SSL/TLS connections for authentication convenience
  • DoS protection

    • Benefit from our scale and ability to defend against DoS attacks meaning attacks have no effect on your servers
    • We can deny detect and deny invalid connection attempts at the edge of our network ensuring our core infrastructure is unaffected
  • Privilege-based

  • Encryption

    • SSL/TLS encryption available for all packages
    • 256-bit AES encryption available using your private key, meaning no one, even Ably, can read your messages without your private key
    • All REST based communication is secured by SSL/TLS ensuring server-to-server communication is always secure
  • Compliance

    • EU and US-only data storage
    • EU GDPR compliant
    • HIPAA compliant
    • ISO 27001 formal certification scheduled for 2020
    • SOC 2 Type 1 formally certified. SOC 2 Type 2 formal certification scheduled for 2020


Optimized connections for any internet-enabled device on earth.

  • Any transport

    • WebSockets are our preferred transport because of their portability and performance
    • Failing that, we fall back to XHR Streaming, HTTP Polling, and even JSONP where necessary.
    • Ably simultaneously opens connections on multiple transports and upgrades or downgrades as necessary, meaning clients connect quickly regardless of the transport available
  • Mobile optimized

    • Our client library SDKs detect changing network conditions and select transports to best suit the current connection.
    • Library support for iOS, Android, Cordova / PhoneGap, Xamarin with more coming soon, see our mobile browser support.
    • Ably retains connection state on our servers ensuring clients that are disconnected will not lose data whilst disconnected.
  • Any device

    • Client library SDKs for almost every internet-enabled platform on earth
    • Connections are optimized based on the device's capabilities
    • Support for devices ranging from PCs and servers, to tablets, mobiles and even game consoles
  • Legacy browsers

    • Support for legacy browsers that don't support WebSockets or even XHR
    • Our library provides workarounds for CORS and other browser and firewall security restrictions

Customer support

  • Our documentation is developer friendly - concise yet thorough. This should be your first port to call.
  • We provide a support desk where we’re present during UK working hours to answer any of your questions.
  • Customers can always just email us or get in touch via another channel.

Future proof

  • We provide a simple API , yet we've packed in an impressive feature set.
  • Our focus on security features ensures you will always have the control and safeguards you need.
  • We listen to our customers, suggest a feature and we'll do what we can to find a solution.

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